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What is a Block of the Month Program?

A block-of-the-Month program commonly called BOM, is a quilting club that you can join to make a quilt top in a specified amount of time, usually months. If you join a BOM, you will usually know what the quilt top looks like prior to starting the club (unless it is a mystery quilt) and how much it will cost to register and maintain your membership.

For membership, you will be required to maintain a credit card on file with the host store of the BOM in order to receive your monthly supplies. Each month on a specified date, you will be charged a set fee and the fabric and supplies for a specific quilt block will be mailed to you (or you may pick them up from the store prior to the charge/mail out date). At the end of the total months, you will have all the supplies and fabric to complete your quilt top. Ideally, you will work on your quilt one block at a time, once a month. Hence the name, Block of the Month. BOM programs can range from very inexpensive to very expensive and there are all types of BOMs to join, applique, batik, sampler blocks and much more!

Here are some FAQs:

Do I have to live in the same city as the store hosting the BOM? No, not usually. If you don't live in the same city, your BOM will be mailed to you for a reasonable cost of postage.

Can I pick up my monthly supplies? Yes, there is normally a "ready" date for you to pick up your supplies. If they are not picked up by a certain date, the store may opt to mail them to you for an additional fee.

What if I don't like the BOM? Normally, you will know what the quilt will look like prior to joining. If it's not one that you like, don't join that club. Or maybe you'd like to gift the finished quilt to someone special?

Do I have to maintain a Credit Card on file with the store for a BOM? Yes, usually. This will insure that a monthly kit is reserved just for you. It also assures the store that you have joined the club in "good faith" and will pay for all your supplies until the club is over. Quilt Shops purchase all the product for the BOMs ahead of time and can not afford to have leftovers from customers that dropped out. It's a courtesy for both parties.

What if I want to drop out of the BOM club? In the dire situation of needing to drop out of a BOM, quilt stores kindly ask that you find a replacement for yourself to finish the BOM commitment. In the meantime, you will continue to be charged monthly as agreed to in the beginning.

Is there a limit to how many BOM clubs I can join? No, never. Join as many as you wish!

What if I need help with my BOM? Visit the host quilt store for instructions and/or demonstrations. One of their employees is always ready to help you.

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