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Daydreamer is an escape to a surreal place of make believe and wonder. Everything here is light and happy. When you first land you met a pair of striped legged flamingos nibbling on the very shrimp that give them their radiant pink color. Overhead, you'll see a flock of vividly colored macaws in all of their vibrant plumage soaring through an ombre colored sunset. An array of omniscient butterflies lands on your shoulder and flutter their soft wings against your cheeks as a sweet welcoming hello. IN the tall grass behind you lurks a family of rainbow jaguars that sparkle like constellations under a full moon. A panorama of tiny rainbows lights up the sky, reminding you of the magic that happens when the sun meets the rain. The sweet nectar of tropical fruits blooming all around fill the air with fresh sugary delight. 

Daydreamer is like a soft warm blanket that I can wrap my mind in when it's too cold and rainy outside.
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Daydreamer - Sundaze, Pineapple