Row by Row Experience 2015

Sunday, June 21st marks the beginning of another Row by Row Experience!  What is this, you ask? This is an annual event when you can travel to different quilt shops throughout the United States and Canada, collect free patterns for a quilt row and then submit your finished quilt for a chance to win a prize at your favorite quilt shop! Each participating quilt shop will have a free pattern
(limit 1 per person) of the row that they designed and is exclusive to their shop. Shops may also have kits to make their row which will contain an additional pattern (remember, it's 1 FREE per person).  My row this year, Puddle Jumping, was designed by Ashley Leon of Dirt Road Quilts. We thought, with all the rain this year why not play like a child and jump in those puddles! What doesn't show too well in the photo is the iridescent thread it's quilted with that adds sparkly water splashes for each puddle. We will have kits to make this row for $15 or $19 with iridescent thread included. Another fun product of the Row by Row Experience are the Fabric License Plates that are also exclusive to each quilt shop. These are normally priced around $6.00 give or take a little.  These fabric plates measure about 3 1/2" x 7 1/4" and people like to collect them to make fun things out of them. You can see some ideas here. The Row by Row experience runs from June 21-September 8. Many, many quilt shops are participating in the fun but, you must note that these patterns may not be mailed out or available on websites. If you want a pattern, you must visit the participating store to get one. After November 1, shops may choose to give away or sell their patterns to customers, this is optional for each shop.
Collecting all these patterns and license plates sounds like a road trip to me!! Here's a map to see participating shops on your travels. Have fun collecting and good luck making and submitting your quilt for a prize!  Row by Row Website