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You've carefully chosen your fabric, selected a pattern, and completed piecing your top - it's time to quilt your quilt! At Not Your Mama's Quilt Store, we have three options to bring your project closer to completion!

Master Quilter

Not Your Mama’s Quilt Store is proud to partner with award-winning Master Quilter Lynne Haley of Sapphire Quilting to offer longarm quilting services to our customers. Starting at just 2.8¢ per square inch for E2E (edge-to-edge) quilting, you will have the option to customize your quilting pattern, thread color choices, batting, and binding options. Bring your quilt in to our store, and we will help you select thread color, a quilting pattern, and any other items needed - and then leave your quilt at our store for Lynne to pickup. We will give you a call as soon as your quilt is completed and ready for pickup at our store. Click HERE for more details. 

Longarm Rental

We offer longarm rental by the hour at Not Your Mama's. No class or training is necessary because our in-house longarmer will do all the hard work for you! You can choose to be as involved (or uninvolved!) as you like. Choose your pattern and thread color, and then sit back and watch the magic happen! The longarmer will do all the quilting, and you just help with alerting her to when the bobbin needs refilling. Or if you want to try your hand at free motion quilting or ruler work on the longarm, we can load your quilt and do all the "hard stuff" so you can do all the "fun stuff"! There's a $20 reservation fee to reserve your day, and then it's just $32 per hour to rent. The final price of your quilting will depend on the pattern size you choose as well as the size of the quilt, but overall it's usually a good bargain! Your rental time begins when we start measuring your quilt for the frame and ends as soon as your final quilt is taken off the frame. Bring one quilt or several - we can try to complete as many as you like before closing time. To reserve your spot, you can sign up HERE

Drop Off Service

We now offer drop-off service to be quilted in-house at Not Your Mama's. Be sure to ask about the expected wait time - if you need your quilt completed in a timely manner or are up against a deadline, we recommend going with option #1 and using Sapphire Quilting. If you aren't on a specific timeline, our drop-off service is a great option. Choose the thread color and quilting pattern, and we will give you a call once it's completed. Drop-Of Services start at 2.5¢ per square inch for E2E (edge-to-edge) quilting. Just bring your quilt top in to the store, are we will get you all squared away! 

No matter which option you choose, we know you will be thrilled with the results! Here's some tips to consider before submitting your quilt top for quilting services:

  • Please remember that your backing fabric should be a minimum of 4 inches larger than your quilt top on each edge (meaning a combined minimum of 8 inches in width and 8 inches in length). When it comes to backing, bigger is alway better - don't cut it down to 4 inches exactly. 4 Inches is the minimum - 6 inches is awesome and 10 inches is fantastic! 
  • Your quilt backing should be square - a wavy edge can cause problems loading it onto the frame correctly. 
  • Don’t cut the selvedges from your backing's edges. Selvedges provide a straight edge for loading the backing onto the frame and will make your longarmer do a happy dance! As for the selvedges within the seam of your backing, that is up to you - some quilters prefer to cut it off and others do not. We do, however, recommend using a 1/2" seam for your backing (instead of a 1/4") if possible to provide extra stability.
If you have any questions, please give us a call! We'd be happy to answer all your questions to help make your experience as "seamless" as possible!

Tips & Tricks:

How to add borders to your quilt so your longarmer will love you! HERE