Quilting on Your Sewing Machine

There is an easy way to quilt on your home sewing machine and you don't need any fancy gadgets. Most of the tools came with your sewing machine, you just have to learn to use them. So, let me show you how...

Supply list:

Sewing Machine, with bobbin, thread & user manual
Completed quilt top, trimmed of loose threads. This is a practice piece so don't bring a quilt that you'd be afraid to make a mistake with.  A small baby size quilt or lap size is best.
Batting that is at least 4" larger all around than the quilt top
Backing that is ready to use (please piece it prior to class if necessary) and is at least 6" larger all around the quilt
Large sewing needle & thread for basting
Curved safety pins (available in my store)
Marking pen that disappears
Quilting ruler, at least 18" long
Blue Painters tape
Fabric Scissors

These sewing tools for your sewing machine will make the job much easier for you but, they are not required. If you have them, bring them, you'll enjoy the quilting process much more. Depending on your machine brand, you may be able to use a generic brand.

Orange Arrow: This is a Basic Walking foot. Most of them look like this. Bring this with you.

Yellow Arrow: This is a seam guide. Sometimes your machine will have two of them. They are usually loose and not attached to the Walking Foot. Bring these with you.

This is a Stitch in the Ditch foot. See the little divider blade in the middle of foot. This is what you're looking for on the foot. Bring it with you.
This Free Motion foot is usually a separate purchase. It sometimes has a closed circle like this one, or an open circle.

Some sewing machines come with this foot.

Bring it with you.

Cost: $ 49.00
Skill Level:Beginner
Instructor:Tisha Copeland