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About Me

Hello There! I'm Tisha Copeland, owner of Not Your Mama's Quilt Store.
You clicked on the "About Me" tab to see who I was. Well, here goes...

As long as I can remember I have loved fabric, arts, crafts and fabric (yeah, I said that again). Maybe it was all the fabric stores my grandmother took me to; Clothworld, the fabric section at Montgomery Wards, TG&Y and Sears. Do you remember those stores? I do! I remember looking at endless bolts of fabric, purchasing yardage and then going home to watch my grandmother transform her purchases into wearable fashion. She dressed up her granddaughters (5 of us!) in up to date styles. The Kardashians had NOTHING on us!  Because of my grandmother, Dora Martinez Arizpe I learned to love fabric and sewing. Because of my mother, Gloria Arizpe Salvatierra, I learned to love American Hand Crafts, classical art, vibrant colors and all things paper (like stationery!). With this innate love, I started sewing when I was 5 years old and crafting as soon as I could hold a glue stick. Fast forward many years and I'm still passionate about all things fabric, colorful and crafty! Textures, vibrant hues and patterns set the idea wheels turning in my head!  It wasn't a surprise then, to my family and friends, that I would one day open my own quilt shop.

Not Your Mama's Quilt Store is located in a suburb or Dallas, TX called Plano. This north Dallas Suburb is flourishing and establishing it's own distinct style which makes it a perfect home for our boutique-style quilt store. Everyday, we "conspire to inspire" you with fresh quilting patterns and trendsetting projects. Here, you'll find premium quality fabrics from today's hottest young designers, and an enthusiastic staff and owner (me!) who enjoy helping you coordinate fabric and colors to create unique quilting and sewing projects.  Whether you've seen it on Pinterest or design your own patterns, you can see it come to life at Not Your Mama's Quilt Store. Because we are such a modern and fun quilt boutique, we been featured in Voyage Magazine and will soon published as one of the 10 Best Quilting Stores in America by Quilt Sampler and Better Homes & Gardens (publishing August 2019!)

Oh! and about me...

My entire family is from San Antonio, Texas. I was born in Mississippi while my father was in the military and raised in San Antonio since I was 4 months old. I moved to Dallas in 1983, married in 1987 (yep, I'm still married to that man) had a daughter in 1997 and another daughter in 1998. Our family is home to 2 needy cats and a high maintenance border collie. We've lived in the DFW Metroplex since 1983 and in Plano since 1990 but, I still call San Antonio home and visit my family whenever I can!